Cool Kids is a teacher-friendly exercise programme which helps to support pupils in school. It focuses on children’s gross motor development which underpins fine motor skills. It was developed by Joy High, a highly experienced occupational therapist working with children. In 2003, the Wolverhampton LEA (local educational authority) supported the introduction of the programme across the borough.

After a while, the use of Cool Kids expanded from solely junior schools to encompass nursery and reception classes, infant schools, and secondary school students. In addition, it has been flexible enough to be used successfully in special schools and units.

So, after 20 years of being in use across a diverse and wide range of education settings, we now know that this programme works on the foundations of gross motor development which underpin fine motor development and enables students to become calm, confident and better able to concentrate.

The programme includes assessments, lesson-plan-style notes, and suggestions for helpful activities like games, music and relaxation strategies.

We now have a brand new course regarding the use of Cool Kids, the background and sensory knowledge behind it, case studies to discuss and problem solve, as well as some guidance around delivering the programme. The course is written and delivered by Roz Roscoe, Children’s Occupational Therapist and you can find it here.