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CPD topics for 2019-2020 include: Challenging behaviour; Dyslexia & Literacy; Autism Spectrum; Precision Teaching; Mental Health, Anxiety & Wellbeing; Sensory Processing; Attachment; Memory, Attention & Executive Functioning.

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Dyslexia & Literacy

Learn how to spot indicators of Dyslexia; and proven approaches for providing the right support for your pupils

Challenging Behaviour

Challenging Behaviour module – learn the practical framework from Dr Gary Lavan’s book, ‘Managing Challenging Behaviour in the Classroom’

Precision Teaching

The Precision Teaching module provides all the resources, and take you through the exact steps needed to implement this highly regarded intervention


Autism Spectrum

Autism Spectrum module – learn whole-class and individual strategies and approaches needed to effectively develop support plans for pupils on the autism spectrum

Sensory Processing

Learn how to understand and support the range of sensory processing difficulties, and how they impact on learning in the classroom

Mental Health, Anxiety & Wellbeing

Mental Health needs are many and varied – understanding the complexity of these issues will help you to better understand how to respond and ways to support young people in your setting

Memory, Attention & Executive Functioning

Do you know what Executive Functioning skills are? One of the major underlying factors with many difficulties within the classroom. Learn how to spot them and how to support


Learn the psychology behaind attachment in the clssroom, and the principles of effective, nurturing support for pupils with attachmnet difficulties

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