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Training 4 Schools

Our team of Chartered Psychologists, Specialist Teachers and Occupational Therapists are experienced in providing bespoke training, around a wide range of topics, including: ADHD, Attachment, Autism, Bereavement & Loss, Challenging Behaviour, Child Development, Dyslexia & Literacy, Dyscalculia & Maths, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Parenting, Restorative Justice & many other areas

Below are links to courses and workshops currently available:

1/2 Day Workshops 

We are currently running workshops on the following topics: ADHD; Anxiety; Autism; CBT for School Staff; Creative Play for School Staff; Dyscalculia & numeracy; Dyslexia & Literacy; Precision Teaching; Self Harm; Sensory Processing & Sensory Strategies

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) 2-Day Course

Train as an Accredited Mental Health First Aider for your school. Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses are for everyone who works with, lives with or supports young people aged 8-18. They will teach you the skills and confidence to spot the signs of mental health issues in a young person, offer first aid and guide them towards the support they need.

Early Talk Boost

Early Talk Boost is a targeted intervention aimed at 3-4 year old children with delayed language development helping to boost their language skills to help narrow the gap between them and their peers.

Our Evaluation Report shows that after Early Talk Boost, children make statistically significant progress in their early language. On average they make 6 months progress after a nine week intervention helping them to catch up with other children their age. This is twice the amount of progress of children not having the intervention.

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